“Art is not chaste and if it were, it would not be Art” 

(Pablo Picasso)

Seduction, fulfillment, game: in many ways the relationship between Art and Eros has been manifested from antiquity to today in the artistic field, in that continuous dualism that has created over the centuries a source of inspiration always alive and pulsating.


Erotic art stimulates the senses, but acts on the intellect and imagination, digging into the unconscious of each of us in search of ever new desires. Eroticism opens the door to love, art can be the key and the border between eroticism and pornography is drawn by the subjectivity of each one.


The world of Art is now shaken by an unprecedented technological revolution: the NFT (Non Fungible Token) that allows the creation, possession and enjoyment of works with completely new ways and effects hitherto unknown.


PornVisoryART wants to be part of this technological revolution, promoting young contemporary artists who move with different modes of expression in the world of art with erotic content. 


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